Aug 28, 2010 - Radio Himal Vancouver Audio

It's a love story. A story of dreams, sorrow, memories, hope and despair. And host Ambika Adhikari brings the story to life with her amazing spirits reflected in her voice. Matching as well is her selection of songs that accompany the journey of two souls. Enjoy the much awaited Geeti Yatra.

Songs played:

  • Bal Garera
  • Timro agman le
  • Timrai yaad ma kalpi
  • Timi bina ko
  • Usko maya pahile ho ki
  • Parkhai ma
  • Lukera layako maya
  • Hamro maya ko
  • Bidesh jane mayalu
  • Yo sahar chodi tada

Some parts of this episode do not have the best playback quality. Hope you will bear with us.

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Its a Lassi

Its a lassi of creativity and naturality. Its a pickle of voice mixed with music with the spices of litrature added with nepali language.
U can be a good host in coming days..
Keep it up.

Best Geeti katha by Ambika Adhikari

Wow!! amazing presentation by ambika ji, feelings is superb & her voice is so sweet. I think she could be a good host for ur radio. Hope we will have more from Ambika ji. Congratulation.

Great job, can radio himal

Great job, can radio himal arrange talk show about current problems about nepal? We want to hear , thank you. We are realy tired of these kind of personal giti katha. Please no more Gerri katha, we want discussion , how to contribute.

We are thankful

Thank you very much for the feedback. We really appreciate and value your suggestion. We have only half an hour and this short time frame does not allow us to have a meaningful discussion. We will try our best to accomodate your suggestion.

loving it.

I am very happy to hear Ambika jee's voice in your Radio Himal. I think she could be your golden host for future. Please Ambika jee can you please come some other time. Your voice is soo good even though your episode sound is not that great. still your voice is very real like some one is very professional and mature. Radio himal please request her for more of her talent.
sabin rai

pathetic. sorry, i cannot

pathetic. sorry, i cannot digest it. very old school.

can u do better?

if you can do better, come on lets see your power.

shanti shanti shanti shanti

Radio Himal is run by an independent volunteers collective. Its main goal is to preserve and promote Nepali identity and culture through media.It is possible only because of the selfless and collective effort of volunteers and community friends who have earnest desire to promote, preserve and share Nepali culture. if we can help, we as a good Nepali we must do. Am i right? PREM KC

Amazing presentation

Amazing presentation! It was fun listening. I would have loved to listen to the songs too but perhaps it was just 30 mins that everything had to be fit in.

The voice was more like that of the recent host Sheela Sainju but truly powerful. Guess we will have more from Ambika and Sheela in the coming days.

Thx to people at Radio Himal.